“Music is Love and I Make and Create Love All Around the World. Music Shall Penetrate the Hearts and Souls of Kings and Presidents at the Highest Pillar and shall traverse through the depths to comfort the Hearts of those who are Destitute and Weary. Music has the Power to Change and Transform All Whom It Touches. Soul, it’s All”

Born in Ramat Gan, Israel, NAÖR COHEN, has been professionally singing, dancing, and performing since the age of 16. He was born into a family of Musicians and years later he performed and toured with his family in the Musical Group, BLACK, AND WHITE, all over the world. He has performed in many festivals, concerts, and private events for celebrities and government officials around the globe. He performs all genres of music, sings in 14 different languages, and is fluent in Hebrew, English, and Russian. He writes and composes Music on Guitar and Piano and has collaborated compositions with a Grammy Award Artist.

He has performed private events and has toured with celebrity artists in venues with over 5,000 people. His music is inspired and influenced by Gospel, Middle Eastern, Rock, Jazz, and Rhythm & Blues.  He currently resides in New York and is recording his first studio album. Music is the door through which people of every race, every color, and every religion, can unite as One.